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All sermons provided have been  preached 
at the Church of Christ at Grissom 
unless otherwise noted.

Sermon Series
The Book of Romans
Romans 1-3
Romans 4
Romans 5
The Demonstration of Love and Grace 
Romans 6
The Dramatic Transaction at Baptism 
Romans 7
The Great Frustration of Temptation
Romans 8
The Powerful Initiatives of God
Romans 9, 10 & 11
Romans 12 & 13
Experiencing Renewal
Romans 14
Romans 15

Romans 16

Sermon Series
Faith Part 1 Why Believe Anything? 
Faith Part 2 Passing the Test of Faith
Why it makes sense to believe ALL the Bible!
Faith Part 3

Faith Part 4 Passing the Faith Test

Sermon Series
Prepare to Meet Your God
The Book of Amos Part 1

The Book of Amos Part 2

The Book of Amos Part 3

The Book of Amos Part 4

Sermon Series
Acts 2:42 
Devotion to the Apostle's Doctrine Part 1
Devotion to the Fellowship Part 2

Sermon Series
Job - Where on Earth is the Land of Uz? 
Part 1
Job - If a Man Dies Shall He Live Again? 
Part 2
Job - Who is the Almighty that we serve Him? 
Part 3
Devoted to the Breaking of Bread Part 3
Devoted to the Prayers Part 4
Job - Why do Evil Men Prosper? 
Part 4

Sermon Series
The Painful Reality of Thorns Part 1

Job - How Can a Man Be Righteous 
Before God?  Part 5
The Reason for Thorns Part 2

The Redeeming Value of Thorns Part 3

Job - What Do I Gain By Not Sinning?  Part 6
Job - Where Were You When I Created 
The World?  Part 7
Job - Will You Condemn Me To Justify Yourself?  
Part 8

Sermon Series
Desperate for God 
When Facing My Lost World Part 2

When Facing My Own Sins Part 1
When Facing a Friend's Betrayal Part 3

Sermon Series
Making Good On My Stewardship 
The Law of the Harvest Part 1

Sermon Series
The Significance of Altars
The Significance of Altars Part 1
The Privilege of Stewardship Part 2

The Specific Altars of the Patriarchs Part 2
How Earthly Resources Become Heavenly Treasures Part 3

We Have an Altar Part 3

Sermon Series
Living in the Land of Hope

A Treasure Chest of Hope Part 1

Hopeless Part 2

The Achor of the Soul Part 3

The Testimony of Hope Part 4

Our Living Hope Part 5

Sermon Series

My God the Redeemer Part 1

God's Redeeming Purpose Part 2

May 18 2020

Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Uncompromising Life Part 1

In the Presence of the Glorified Christ Part 1

Uncompromising Worship Part 2

Christ Amidst the Seven Churches Part 2

God is on the Throne  Part 3

Uncompromising Integrity Part 3

Uncompromising World View Part 4

Worthy is the Lamb Part 4

Panorama of the Church Age Part 5

Sermon Series
In the Image of God

Created in His Image Part 1

 The Seven Seals Part 6

 The Seven Trumpets Part 7 - ERROR
Will be replaced soon

When the Image Gets Distorted Part 2

The Perfect Image of God Part 3

Transformed Into His Image Part 4

 Seven Personages Part 8

May 25 2020
Jun. 01 2020
May 11 2020
Jun. 08 2020
Jun. 15 2020

Bookends of the Gospel

God's Concept of Righteousness

Is Christianity Rational?

Life is....

The Days of Adversity

The God Blessed Life
Jul. 06 2020
Apr. 06 2020
Apr. 13 2020
Apr. 20 2020
Apr. 27 2020
May 04 2020
Jun. 22 2020
Jun. 29 2020
Mar. 23 2020
Mar. 30 2020